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VVEC offers rebates on electric water heaters, ground-source, air-source, mini-split and dual-fuel heat pumps, and air conditioners.
All of the appliances need to be Energy Star rated.


Electric water heaters for new construction or gas conversions, and which have an energy factor of .90 or greater, are rebated up to $199. These units must be installed and available for an on-site verification within 90 days of the purchase date. We also offer $50 rebates on 40-gallon or larger replacement units when the old unit has less than a .90 efficiency rate and the new unit is .90 efficiency or greater. The replacement rebates are limited to services using 6,000 kWh or more per year. Tankless and hybrid heat pump water heaters are not eligible for rebates.

A $50 rebate is available for Energy Star-rated room air conditioners. The rebate will apply toward the purchase of one new unit or for the replacement of an existing unit.

Water Heater & Room AC Rebate Form

Ground-source heat pumps for new construction or gas conversions are rebated at $300 per ton and must be Energy Star rated with an EER value of 19.1 or greater. Replacement units will be rebated at $150 per ton, but must meet the same EER criteria and be a gain of at least 3 EER over the old unit. Replacing an air-to-air heat pump with a ground-source heat pump meeting the above requirements will also be eligible for the $150 per ton rebate.

Ground-Source Heat Pump Rebate Form

Air-to-air heat pumps (with electric resistance backup) meeting a 16.5 SEER or greater, will be rebated at $150 per ton for new construction or gas conversions only. Replacement units are not eligible for rebates. Dual-fuel heat pumps (using natural gas, propane, or fuel oil for supplemental heating) and mini-splits meeting the above ratings will be rebated at $150 per ton for new construction or replacement units.

Dual-Fuel & Mini-Split Heat Pump Rebate Form

Rebates are subject to change and certain restrictions apply, so contact our member services department at (918) 371-2584 if you have questions.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact our member services department or download a rebate form from our Web site. THE COMPLETED FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED TO US WITHIN 90 DAYS OF PURCHASING THE APPLIANCE. Certain restrictions apply and new units are subject to on-site verification.


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