At the end of each year, when all of the cooperative’s expenses are paid, the money left over is classified as margins. VVEC proportionately divides margins among all the members who received service during that year, based on total billing for each member. Each member/owner’s share of the margins is his or her capital credits. Annual allocations of margins are added to each member’s capital credit account, which includes amounts from other years. The account represents each member’s share of ownership equity in the cooperative.

VVEC retains members’ capital credits as equity. The cooperative’s lending institutions require a certain level of equity. As financial conditions allow, VVEC will return capital credits to current and former members.

Lost Members

From time-to-time members move out of VVEC's service territory, get married, or pass away. But Capital Credits still have to be allocated for the energy used. Sometimes VVEC's last known address is not correct and the Capital Credits that are sent out come back to the Cooperative.

We need help to find these former members! We keep a list of "Lost" members on file and you can use the below search field to search for names of people or businesses who we have on file. Anyone who finds his or her name on the Missing Members list, is asked to call us at (918) 371-2584 and give us an address where we can send the check.

The results are in last name, first name format unless it is the name of a business.

Capital Credits