VVEC offers several payment options to make paying your monthly electric bill easy, convenient and less time-consuming.

Call our Consumer Service Representatives at (918) 371-2584 for information on any of the following options:

Cash, check and credit card payments can be made inside our office from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our office is located at 8901 E. 146th Street North, or 1.5 miles west of Collinsville on Highway 20. A night deposit is available for payments made after 4 p.m. and on weekends. It is located immediately to the left of the office's front doors.

If you would like to pay your bill electronically over the telephone, utilize U. S. Payments by calling 1-866-780-5458 and selecting option 4. You can make a secure payment using your Visa or MasterCard, or debit card. U. S. Payments charges a convenience fee of at least $3.95 per credit/debit card transaction, and a $2 fee for electronic check transactions.

Payments can be mailed to us at P. O. Box 219, Collinsville, OK 74021. Please include the completed bottom portion of your bill with your payment and do not send cash through the mail.

With our SmartHub app, the power of data is in your hands through convenient account management and detailed usage information. In addition to phone calls, office visits, and direct mail, this mobile and Web app delivers accurate, timely information about your VVEC account. It allows you to make payments in a secure environment with the touch of a button, right from your mobile device or on your PC. 

With SmartHub you can:

  • Check your electric usage – see your daily and monthly usage in an easy-to-read format
  • Contact our office
  • Pay your bill from your Smart phone or tablet
  • Check our news feed
  • Report a service interruption
  • Access custom widgets

The two-way communication available with SmartHub allows you to notify us of account and service issues while providing us a way to let you know about co-op events, special offers, programs and services, and more.  You can choose to receive an E-mail or text for VVEC notifications, such as when a payment is due, or a service interruption is scheduled.

If you are signing up for the first time, you will be guided through a step-by-step process to establish your account, username and password.  There is no charge for this app; it’s FREE! Members who were using the former E-bill service will automatically be registered in SmartHub.

To utilize SmartHub, click the SmartHub button. SmartHub

If you have questions about this app, please contact one of our consumer services representatives at (918) 371-2584.

There is a kiosk in the lobby of our headquarters facility in Collinsville, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Kiosks can be found at other locations throughout our sevice territory. You will need to have your VVEC account number with you when using this payment method. Costs affiliated with using the kiosks range from $2, if paying by cash or check, to $3.95 per $400 increment if paying by credit card.

Kiosks locations:

Homeland - 811 E Frank Phillips Blvd - Hours 6a-12a
United Grocers (Homeland) - 1849 W 4th St - Hours 7a-10p
Food Pyramid - 2501 SE Washington Blvd - Hours 6a-12a
Homeland - 915 S Madison Blvd - Hours 7a-10p
Le’s One Stop - 15275 S Memorial Dr - Hours 6a-8p
Reasors - 11116 S Memorial - Hours 6a-11p
Broken Arrow:
Fiesta Mart - 2201 W Albany St - Hours 6a-10p
Fiesta Mart - 4951 W Washington St - Hours 24x7
Reasor’s - 3701 S Elm Pl - Hours 6a-10p
Reasor’s - 2500 N Hwy 66 - Hours 6a-11p
Harps - 300 E Layton/Hwy 66 - Hours 7a-10p
5-Eleven - 1699 N Lynn Riggs Blvd - Hours 4am-10p
Reasor’s - 1000 W Will Rogers Blvd - Hours 6a-11p
Mo’s Corner - 1502 W Main St - Hours M-Th 6a-11p, F-Sa 6a-12a, Sun 7a-10p
VVEC - 8901 E 146th St N - Hours 24x7
T-Mart - 30455 S St Hwy 51 - Hours M-Sa 5a-11p, Sun 5a-10p
H&Z Mart - 400 W 141st St - Hours 5a-12a
Reasor’s - 446 S Elm St - Hours 6a-11p
Homeland - 813 E Cherokee Ave - Hours 7a-10p
Reasor’s - 11550 N 135th E Ave - Hours 6a-11p
Reasor’s - 11815 E 86th St N - Hours 6a-11p
Sunny’s Kwik Stop - 11700 E 86th St N - Hours 6a-10p
Sand Springs:
Cost Plus (Homeland) - 4001 S Hwy 97 - Hours 7a-9p
Reasor’s - 3829 Oklahoma 97 - Hours 6a-11p
Pop Shoppe - 2020 S Hickory St - Hours M-Th 5a-10p Fr 5a-11p
Reasor’s - 132 W Taft - Hours 6a-11p
Sapulpa Grocery & Fuel - 311 W Taft - Hours M-Th 5a-10p Fr 5a-11p
Mister Bass - 4000 W Rogers Blvd - Hours 24x7
B/N Mart (Stop N Save) - 4826 E 33rd St - Hours 6a-12p
Cash Saver (Harps) - 11333 E 31st St - Hours 6a-11p
Fiesta Mart - 10711 E 81st St - Hours 6a-10p
Fiesta Mart - 2738 E 91st St - Hours 6a-11p
Fiesta Mart - 8102 S Sheridan Rd - Hours 24x7
Fiesta Mart - 8107 S Mingo Rd - Hours 24x7
Haney’s One Stop - 911 E 36th N - Hours 24x7
Joy Mart - 2112 S Garnett Rd - Hours 24x7
Lucky Stop - 8106 E 25th Pl - Hours M-F 6a-11p, Sa-Sun 7a-12a
Perfect Food and Gas - 3902 E 11th St - Hours 24x7
R&R Food Mart - 6110 S Peoria Ave - Hours 7a-12p
Racetrak - 3100 E Pine St - Hours 24x7
Reasor’s - 11005 E 41st St - Hours 6a-11p
Reasor’s - 1885 S Yale - Hours 6a-11p
Reasor’s - 2429 E 15th St - Hours 24x7
Reasor’s - 4909 E 41st St - Hours 24x7
Save-A-Lot - 4229 SW Blvd - Hours 8a-9p
Stop N Save - 6520 Charles Page Blvd - Hours 6a-12a
Tulsa Trip - 4948 N Peoria - Hours 7a-12a
Warehouse Market - 301 S Lewis - Hours 7a-10p

A PaySite™ kiosk locator can be found by clicking the button. PaySite™ Locator

This feature allows your electric bill payment to be deducted automatically from your account at your bank or financial institution or charged to your credit card, at the same time each month. You still receive a copy of your bill each month so you will be aware of the amount. The bill is sent to you before the amount is deducted from your account, in time for you to contact us if you have any questions. This program is free of charge. 

Please call our consumer services representatives at (918) 371-2584 if you have any questions.

The Average Monthly Payment (AMP) program is designed to help residential consumers avoid high seasonal billings by averaging their bills.

Your bill is averaged by adding your most recent usage to that of the past 11 months. This gives an amount that is about the same each month and eliminates having a 'catch-up' bill at the end of the year. The average is multiplied by the current rate and the power cost adjustment. 

There is no charge for this voluntary program. Residential consumers who have a one-year billing history with VVEC and whose accounts are paid in full, and on time, are eligible to participate in this program.

Please call our consumer services representatives at (918) 371-2584 if you have any questions.